Saturday, December 27, 2008

Encyclopedia of Muscle Strength or Complete Massage

Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength

Author: Jim Stoppani

Finally, a research-based book that covers all facets of optimizing the development of muscle and strength. Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength is a comprehensive training guide and reference that provides

  • definitions of key terms and concepts,
  • evaluations of equipment options-including the top innovations,
  • explanations of the role and importance of each muscle group,
  • presentations of the best exercises for adding strength and mass, and
  • descriptions and examples of many types of workouts and programs and their effects.

Choose from 255 exercises presented for 11 different muscle groups and the whole body. Proper technique for each exercise is tailored to the type of resistance used, be it free weights, weight machines, or body weight. Plus, each training program is rated according to workout duration, the projected timeframe for achieving measurable results, level of difficulty, and overall effectiveness.

Muscle & Fitness senior science editor Jim Stoppani covers each topic in detail. His clear advice will help you conquer any problem or plateau you encounter. So build your knowledge base to build a better body. Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength is the ultimate resource for pinpointing and achieving the results you're seeking.

Kirkus Reports Health & Fitness

Readers will appreciate the combination of plain facts and expert advice. Anyone looking to build muscle mass will appreciate this thorough, no-nonsense guide to proper strength-training technique.

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Complete Massage: A Visual Guide to over 100 Techniques

Author: Clare Maxwell Hudson

Drawing on the skill, depth of knowledge, and unrivalled experience of Clare Maxwell-Hudson, one of the world's foremost practitioners, Complete Massage is the most up-to-date, handsomely illustrated guide to the subject currently available. Innovative state-of -the-art photography captures movement on the mage, showing exactly how each stroke would be performed. A series of exciting international master classes feature routines ranging from Thai to Turkish massage. Beauty treatments for face and body includes a facial massage for a natural face-life, and a hydrotherapy massage to boost circulation and tone the muscles. There are also treatments listed for over 30 common ailments. Therapeutic massage, based on the latest medical research, offers relief for a wide range of health problems. Other treatments include massage for expectant mothers, newborn babies, and the elderly. Fully comprehensive and innovative in its approach, this is the definitive guide to the wide-ranging powers of massage.

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