Saturday, December 5, 2009

Breaking the Silence or Sacred Cow Mad Cow

Breaking the Silence: Inspirational Stories of Black Cancer Survivors

Author: Karin L Stanford

Cancer survivors, their family members, and their friends will find comfort in these inspirational stories told by black cancer patients. Covering every facet of the disease as it affects a person's life, including diagnosis, treatment, family involvement, spiritual strength, and healing, these stories, poems, journal entries, and letters address such complex issues as coping with the shock of the initial diagnosis, deciding among various forms of treatments, and dealing with conflicting emotions of anger, sadness, and hope. Helping to heal the mind, body, and spirit, these courageous and thoughtful reflections seek to lighten the burden that all cancer survivors and those who care for them must bear. Celebrated poet and cancer survivor Nikki Giovanni contributes a moving introduction to these inspirational pieces.

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Sacred Cow, Mad Cow: A History of Food Fears

Author: Madeleine Ferrieres

Contemporary concerns about food such as those stemming from mad cow disease, salmonella, and other potential food-related dangers are hardly new-humans have long been wary of what they eat. Beyond the fundamental fear of hunger, societies have sought to protect themselves from rotten, impure, or unhealthy food. From the markets of medieval Europe to the slaughterhouses of twentieth-century Chicago, Madeleine Ferrières traces the origins of present-day behavior toward what we eat as she explores the panics, myths, and ever-shifting attitudes regarding food and its safety. She demonstrates that food fears have been inspired not only by safety concerns but also by cultural, political, and religious prejudices.

Flour from human bones and pâté from dead cats are just two of the more unappetizing recipes that have scared consumers away from certain foods. Ferrières considers the roots of these and other rumors, illuminating how societies have assessed and attempted to regulate the risks of eating. She documents the bizarre and commonsensical attempts by European towns to ensure the quality of beef and pork, ranging from tighter controls on butchers to prohibiting Jews and menstruating women from handling meat. Examining the spread of Hungarian cattle disease, which ravaged the livestock of seventeenth-century Europe, Ferrières recounts the development of safety methods that became the Western model for fighting animal diseases.

Ferrières discusses a wealth of crucial and curious food-related incidents, trends, and beliefs, including European explorers' shocked responses to the foodways of the New World; how some foods deemed unsafe for therich were seen as perfectly suitable for the poor; the potato's negative reputation; the fierce legal battles between seventeenth-century French bread bakers and innkeepers; the role of the medical profession in food regulation; and how modern consumerism changed the way we eat. Drawing on history, folklore, agriculture, and anthropology, Ferrières tells us how our decisions about what not to eat reflect who we are.

Kirkus Reviews

An impressively researched addition to the Arts and Traditions of the Table series. French historian Ferrieres (Social History/Univ. of Avignon) has dug deep and wide in her exploration of anxieties about food: agricultural statistics, medical and veterinary journals, public health records, royal decrees, city and town ordinances and cookery manuals. Human fears about food, she notes, fall into two categories: concern about quantity and worry over quality. Her focus here is on the latter. Although she discusses Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act, she gives the United States relatively short shrift, for Ferrieres's emphasis is on European, especially French, history. Her research turns up some fascinating facts, such as that in 14th-century Europe, horror of leprosy led to the erroneous belief that one could get it by consuming "leprous pork"; later, cabbage, cheese, beer and gamay grapes were also suspect. One bizarre tale involves a lawsuit in 1668 between Paris bakers and innkeepers in which bakery bread was alleged to be unhealthy because it was made with yeast; to settle the question, doctors weighed in, as did public prosecutors, judges, police and even parliament. European reactions-suspicion, aversion, phobia-of unfamiliar foods encountered in the New World are explored, as are some wild food rumors; e.g., English porter is made stronger than European beers by the addition of a skinned dog to the vat. She shows how food fears changed as industrialization distanced the consumer from the producer, examines the gap between scientific knowledge and political power in response to food risks and looks at the role of individual responsibility forfood safety. A densely written, scholarly work, not especially accessible but filled with choice nuggets of food lore, culinary information and social history.

Friday, December 4, 2009

John Barleycorn or Cooking for Life

John Barleycorn

Author: Jack London

It all came to me one election day. It was on a warm California afternoon and I had ridden down into the Valley of the Moon from the ranch to the little village to vote Yes and No to a host of proposed amendments to the Constitution of the State of California.

Upton Sinclair

Assuredly one of the most useful, as well as one of the most entertaining books ever penned by a man.

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Cooking for Life: Recipes for Healthy Living (Volume 1)

Author: Avera McKennan Foundation

For those who have experienced cancer or want to take preventative steps, understanding healthy eating habits are vital. With the guidance of Cooking For Life, Volume 1, creating or maintaining a healthy diet can be easy. This cookbook focuses on preparing healthy meals for you and your family.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home Spa Feet or Inward Bound

Home Spa Feet

Author: Tracey Kelly

A collection of instant, everyday cures for the feet, perfect to relieve aches and pains but also useful as part of an all-over beauty treatment.

Table of Contents:
Firm footing6
Focus on feet8
Perfect posture10
Pilates arch strengthener12
Flexible feet14
Healthy circulation16
Foot massage basics18
Restorative reflexology20
Home spa treatments22
Setting the scene24
Daily warm-up for feet26
Instant foot revitalizer28
Hard skin softeners30
Essential stress-relievers32
Post-workout pummelling34
Immunity-boosting acupressure36
Beautifying pedicure38
Calming bedtime massage40
Rejuvenating recipes42
Botanical foot baths44
Smoothing foot scrubs46
Stimulating aromatherapy oils48
Herbal foot creams50
Soothing foot powders52
Nourishing masks54
Antibacterial boosters56
Hypertension reliever58
Rich lavender moisturizer60
Scented foot sprays62

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Inward Bound

Author: Sam Keen

In this book, Sam Keen guides us on an enlightening journey across the emotional landscape of our own inner psyches. Using self-tests and practical advice, Inward Bound teachers us to master the art of emotional literacy -- how to understand what our minds and bodies are really telling us through the ups and downs of our emotions.

Paying special attention to "negative" emotions such as fatigue, depression, grief, and especially boredom -- the undiagnosed disease from which most "normal" people suffer -- Keen shows us how the low periods in our lives can actually be the impetus for the most profound and lasting change. While most people deny emotional lows in the hopes that they will go away; eat, drink, or tranquilize themselves; take mood elevators; or otherwise fill their time with empty activities, Keen instead teachers us how to re-vision negative emotions as positive way stations on the path to self-discovery.

In Inward Bound, Keen shows us how to recover the full spectrum of our feelings and points the reader on a journey to greater health, intimacy, vitality, and a renewed joy in life.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alimentos Que Eliminan la Artritis or Masaje para tu bebe

Alimentos Que Eliminan la Artritis

Author: Lauri M Aesoph

This completely revised and updated version offers a detailed, easy-to-follow program for treating arthritis at home to relieve, or even reverse, most cases of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis without expensive drugs or equipment. The key is to substitute "restorative foods" for certain inflammation-generating foods stimulating the healing powers of the body and practicing easy-to-do exercises for increased flexibility.

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Masaje para tu bebe: Segun la tradicion ayurvedica

Author: Kiran Vyas

Manual ilustrado para mejorar el bienestar del bebé a través del masaje de tradición ayurvédica.

Ilustrado con numerosas fotografías, este volumen muestra en detalle, paso a paso, cómo prepararse para dar un masaje al bebé y cómo aplicarlo adecuadamente en cada parte de su cuerpo.
Tradición milenaria que tiene su origen en la India, el masaje de los bebés y los niños es una disciplina ampliamente practicada que se ha venido transmitiendo de generación en generación. Derivado de la tradición ayurvédica, permite una estrecha comunicación con el bebé y contribuye eficazmente a su bienestar general: le facilita un mejor sueño, le ayuda a adquirir una mejor conciencia de su propio cuerpo, le procura una excelente estimulación sensorial y le proporciona una gran tranquilidad y relax.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Overweight Kids or Healing Alternatives for Beginners

Overweight Kids

Author: Linda Mintl

Raising Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy World teaches parents how to raise healthy kids in an over scheduled, fast-food, video-game world by making simple choices, easy changes and instilling good habits that will improve everyone's life today and forever.

This positive, practical, and inspirational guide will help parents find spiritual and behavioral solutions to help their kids achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Acclaimed specialist, Dr. Linda Mintle, gives parents the information and encouragement they need to raise happy, healthy kids. As childhood obesity rises to epidemic proportions, every parent is faced with challenges that werenot an issue a decade ago. Dr. Mintle addresses the toxic environment that impacts every family - overscheduling, eating on the run, sedentary options instead of active play, even school systems that no longer include physical activity. She then presents real life solutions that have immediate and long-term results for every family.

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Healing Alternatives for Beginners

Author: Kay Henrion

Many years ago, my family manufactured over-the-counter healing pharmaceuticals. We eventually sold the rights, but the result is that I have always been interested in alternative healing methods. And if you are interested in discovering what such methods are all about, I would like to recommend Healing Alternatives for Beginners. This book was written by Kay Henrion who is an advanced registered nurse. She has more than 24 years of experience in the nursing field. Even though she is very familiar with common medical practices, she also knows the complementary systems she describes in this book.

There are two broad styles of alternative healing. Those that affect you from the inside and those that work from the outside. Two of the basic methods of healing from within are visualization and meditation. In this book you will not only learn how to use these techniques, but you also will learn how to apply them to healing.

The methods of healing that affect you from the outside are far more numerous. In this book you'll learn about how to heal with color. For example, did you know that using an emerald green light can help a cut to heal? You'll also learn about the qualities of various foods and how you can use them to get healthy and stay healthy. Of course, you'll also learn about using herbs to heal and the entire medical system know as homeopathy (the medical system of choice of the royal family of England) which uses tiny amounts of medicinal substances to initiate healing.

This book is filled with wise advice that can get you started on a lifetime of good health. You'll even learn how to recognize and beat stress, one of the leading causes of disease.

If you'relooking to discover the secrets of true optimum health, this book is the place to start.